The Golden Rules

#3 Brad Belanger: Meaningful Content is KING

March 26, 2019 Season 1 Episode 3
The Golden Rules
#3 Brad Belanger: Meaningful Content is KING
The Golden Rules
#3 Brad Belanger: Meaningful Content is KING
Mar 26, 2019 Season 1 Episode 3
Tim Gray / Brand Belanger
Great, meaningful, impactful content is king
Show Notes

On episode 03 of The Golden Rules, owner of Homestead Entertainment / Red Light Artists Management, Brad Belanger shares his story of how he hacked the music industry. 

- How he got into the music business
- How he helps keep his artist cool
- His golden rules for branding
- How he helped Sam Hunt sign a record deal

#QOTD "Always Play Offense"

- Care - Give a shit
- Do what inspires and scares you
- Don't become concerned with others opinions of your dream
- The big things are made up of a million little pieces. Focus on the small things
- Love Monday morning

For those not in the music industry, an artist manager, also known as a "band manager", is in charge of the business side of being in a band. Often, band members are great at the creative side of things but aren't so great at promoting themselves, booking their own gigs, or negotiating deals. In a very general sense, the task of a manager takes care of the day to day running of the band's career so the band can focus on the creative side of things

Brad started his own record label at 15. He learned how to screen-print merch, booked & promoted shows & fronted a three-piece alt-rock band.

After graduation from Middle Tennessee State University, Belanger started working as a booking agent at APA in Nashville. A few months prior to YouTube launching, Belanger bought a camera along with editing software and taught himself the ins and outs of photography, videography, editing and graphic design. After working with clients like Taylor Swift & Warner Music, he was hired to a full-time position with country music superstar Keith Urban.

While working with Urban, Belanger was introduced to an up-and-coming young songwriter named Sam Hunt. Hunt was looking for a manager to help launch his solo career.

He then took his savings & started HOMESTEAD, his artist management firm. Belanger also shot/directed/edited the first 5 music videos for Hunt; shot and designed the album cover for Montevallo, and now oversees the career and brand of one of the country's hottest acts.


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