The Golden Rules

#8 Al McManus: Be Patient, Show Up, Give a Shit

March 28, 2019 Season 1 Episode 8
The Golden Rules
#8 Al McManus: Be Patient, Show Up, Give a Shit
The Golden Rules
#8 Al McManus: Be Patient, Show Up, Give a Shit
Mar 28, 2019 Season 1 Episode 8
Tim Gray / Al McManus
Be Patient, Show Up, Give a Shit
Show Notes

On episode 08 of The Golden Rules, co-owner of the artist management firm Big Show Music CO. and Director of Operations of Ask4 Entertainment Al Mcmanus talks about about his golden rules for the life and business. 

- How he got into the music business
- How to really communicate
- Learning everyday
- Being present and accountable

#QOTD "The real music business is the artist and the artist real business is the show"

#QOTD "Don't worry about the hours you're putting in, in the beginning, how early or late you work, just do your absolute best"

- Be Patient, Show Up, Give a shit
- Take your lumps
- Make the most out of each opportunity
- Work as hard as you can
- Learn something new every day
- Follow Up and Follow Through
- Believe in yourself

Al is a 22-year music industry veteran who has worn nearly every hat in the music business. His two-decade career includes experience in record label negotiations, artist development, tour management, artist manager, tour routing, tour press, entrepreneurship, event promotion and now operations. 

Al currently serves as the Director of Operations at Ask 4 Entertainment. A4E experiences include the Ship-Hop Cruise, Ship-Rocked Cruise, Motörhead's Motörboat and currently the Crimson Tide Cruise. Artists and performers include Sevendust, Vanilla Ice, Five Finger Death Punch, Korn, Salt N Pepa, Seether, Buckcherry, Naughty by Nature, POD, Godsmack, Blackstreet, and more.

Over his career, he’s worked alongside artists that have sold over 44 Million albums, generated 53 #1 singles and won CMA, ACM, Americana, ASCAP, and Grammy awards. Among those artists also include members of the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Al's knowledge of music doesn't stop on the business side of things. He is a music lover, musician and guitar player. In addition, McManus is also a father, husband, friend, mentor, and one of the best I’ve ever seen when it comes to connecting with people. 

Over the years that I've known Al, he has always shown himself to be responsible, detail oriented, selfless, passionate, easygoing, and thoughtful.

It's because of Al and his business partner and lifelong friend Jeff that I am where I am today. Together, they taught me that you can be serious, work hard, be passionate and have fun while doing it. They taught me about building and maintaining real relationships in the music industry,  not being afraid to pick up the phone, showing up early and staying late, being willing to learn and try new things, giving my all while helping the next generation up and thoughtful/real communication. 

I think we can all learn about hustling, communication, real human engagement, and accountability from leaders like Al and hope you all get something out of this episode.


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