The Golden Rules

#9 Joe Atamian: Don't be an Asshole

March 28, 2019 Season 1 Episode 9
The Golden Rules
#9 Joe Atamian: Don't be an Asshole
The Golden Rules
#9 Joe Atamian: Don't be an Asshole
Mar 28, 2019 Season 1 Episode 9
Tim Gray / Joe Atamian
Don't be an Asshole
Show Notes

On episode 09 of The Golden Rules, power agent and talent booker Joe Atamian with Paradigm Talent Agency shares his path to success and his golden rules for life and business. 

- How he got into the #musicbusiness
- How is finds, signs, and develops artists careers
- How he batches his day for success
- How he thinks through decisions

#QOTD "Be the dumbest person in the room"

#QOTD "Time is the only trading currency we have, use it wisely"

- Work hard
- Be a sponge 
- Unplug totally when you unplug
- Don't be an asshole 
- Don't be reactionary 
- Follow Up 
- Emails can wait a few days

Joe is an 11-year music industry veteran who has been listed to Billboard's Power Player list, been awarded Pollstar's Third Coast Agent of the Year, the is agent side of the super successful tumbler account Agent Vs. Promoter, and a talent agent at Paradigm Talent Agency. 

He currently oversees the touring careers of some of today's hottest and most successful bands and musicians including Grammy award-winning artist like Sturgil Simpson, The Lumineers, Anderson East, Cherub, Big Gigantic and many more. 

Over his career, Joe has moved across the country building his career starting in College. Over the last 11 years, he has continually developed as a leader in the music industry and within his Agency. he has proven that he has the magic ear and the know how to break artists. 

From the day I met Joe he has always been open, kind, and willing to make time. Agents like Joe are just one of the reasons I love the music industry. His passion for artists and music runs deep and his ability to take an artist to a new level is nearly unmatched.


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